IHFF Annual Team Briefing

The annual IHFF Team Briefing took place recently at Baldonnel. The briefing is an opportunity for the team to discuss the year ahead and plan the events that we will be attending. A full list of our planned events is available on the Events page on our website. As always, attendance at these events is subject to weather, aircraft serviceability, crew availability etc. The aircraft will also be seen at various airfields around the country on training exercises as the team ramp up the summer season. The first public event we’ll be attending is the Birr Breakfast fly-in on 8th April.

Presentations on the day were given by our Chairman Michael Hickey who outlined the plans for the year. There were also representatives from flight crew, ground crew, engineering and operations. A huge amount of work goes on behind the scenes keeping our fleet in the air. The engineering team have been working hard over the winter completing the annuals on two of the Chipmunks and an upgrade to the brakes on Chipmunk 168.

Irish Historic Flight at Bray Air Display 2016

Take a look at the last minute behind-the-scenes preparations as the pilots of IHF get Iolar and the Chipmunks ready to taxi for take off and then take to the skies to thrill the thousands of aviation fans gathered below.

As the first footage emerges, we get a unique glimpse into the last minute behind-the-scenes preparations prior to taking off and dazzling all at the Bray Air Display 2016.

IHFF Winter Maintenance Programme

The IHFF engineering team have been extremely busy over the winter months completing the maintenance and annual inspections of our fleet of aircraft. This has included 50-hour inspection of Chipmunk EI-HFA (168) and annual inspections of EI-HFB (169) and EI-HFC (170).

Keeping historic aircraft like the Chipmunks in the air is a challenging task and it’s a testament to the dedication of our volunteer engineering team that these aircraft are maintained in such an excellent condition. Work also continues on the annual inspections of Boeing Stearman EI-HFD and the Iolar EI-ABI and we hope to see these back in the air very soon. While there has been a lot of hands-on maintenance completed on the aircraft, an equal amount of work has been completed in the background developing and improving the airworthiness system of the IHFF. Here are some photos.


Preparations for the Bray Air Display

With preparations now well underway for the 2016 Bray Air Display, the pilots of Irish Historic Flight are warming up the Chipmunks, rolling out the Iolar and shining up the Spirit of Tipperary – all set to continue impressing successive generations of aviation enthusiasts in Ireland.

Watch the video to whet your appetite for what promises to be a remarkable event and a great spectacle for all the family.

(Bray Air Display – 23rd and 24th July. See http://brayairdisplay.com for more)

TV3 Ireland’s feature on Irish Historic Flight

As the Bray Air Display 2016 looms ever closer, Ireland’s television channel TV3 send Alan Hughes and his camera crew out to Irish Historic Flight where Alan takes to the skies to experience first-hand the thrill of flying in a D&H Chipmunk.

Watch the video clip to see how Alan gets on as he departs on this most thrilling of journeys.

Video courtesy of, and copyright held by, TV3.

(Bray Air Display – 23rd and 24th July. See http://brayairdisplay.com for more)

Flying In A Chipmunk

Come with the pilot as we prepare for take off and experience a bird’s eye view from inside the aircraft. Onscreen narration describes what is happening at each step along the way.

News Update May 2016

Irish Historic Flight Foundation celebrates Ireland’s rich aviation heritage. Here’s an update on just one of our activities.

Chipmunks in Training

With the 2016 Air Show season kicking into full gear, the IHF Chipmunks have been putting in some hard practice including loop-the-loops and formation flying. Watch our video with views from the ground and from inside the cockpit.