IHFF Winter Maintenance Programme

The IHFF engineering team have been extremely busy over the winter months completing the maintenance and annual inspections of our fleet of aircraft. This has included 50-hour inspection of Chipmunk EI-HFA (168) and annual inspections of EI-HFB (169) and EI-HFC (170).

Keeping historic aircraft like the Chipmunks in the air is a challenging task and it’s a testament to the dedication of our volunteer engineering team that these aircraft are maintained in such an excellent condition. Work also continues on the annual inspections of Boeing Stearman EI-HFD and the Iolar EI-ABI and we hope to see these back in the air very soon. While there has been a lot of hands-on maintenance completed on the aircraft, an equal amount of work has been completed in the background developing and improving the airworthiness system of the IHFF. Here are some photos.